Ten buildings in London that fascinate architecture lovers

buildings in London

London fascinating buildings

London’s city is home to some of the most notable buildings in the world that should not be overlooked while visiting, Buildings that can fascinate you.

When it comes to modern and contemporary architecture in the middle, London presents some of the world’s most famous structures. In this article, we will introduce you to the ten stunning buildings of this city. Suppose you are one of those people who admire fantastic architecture. In that case, you should not miss these famous letters while visiting London.

1. The Shard

Architect: Renzo Piano Architecture Company
Built: 2012

Renzo Piano, One of the most famous and essential living contemporary architects, designed The Shard. Renzo Piano also resumes more famous buildings such as the Pompidou Museum in Paris and the Whitney Museum of American Art. It has its work. Formerly known as the London Bridge Tower, it reopened in 2013. Shard was designed as a “vertical city,” and the piano wanted to build conical structures that could accommodate thousands of people. The system is located in the heart of the New London Bridge neighborhood, on the Thames’ south bank. It rises majestically to a height of about 310 meters in the skies. The building is now the tallest structure in Western Europe. The 72nd-floor city viewing platform offers unrivaled panoramas up to 64 km away. Some believe that Shard is the most beautiful building on London’s skyline, and its beauty is due to the constant changes in the play of light in it.

2. National Theater

Architect: Sir Dennis Lasden
Built: 1976

The Royal National Theater Company was based initially at the Old Vic Theater in Waterloo, but in 1976 moved to its current location on the South Coast. The company has had significant contributions to productions and performances with Anthony Hopkins, Judy Dench, and Daniel DeLouis. The majestic “Brutalist” architecture used in this building was the product of its time. Still, its angular aesthetic, with a combination of vertical and horizontal elements, has become one of the capital’s most iconic landscapes. It was not popular at the time, although Prince Charles described it as “a clever way to build a nuclear power plant in central London without any doubt.” This building has been included in the list of 10 famous buildings in London and 10 disgusting buildings in London so far!

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