City Hall (Berlin)

berlin city hall

City Hall (Berlin)

Coordinates: 52 ° 31,03. North 13 ° 24 ۲10 ″ East
Berliner Stadtschloss (German: Berliner Stadtschloss or Berliner Schloss, or Stadtschloss for short) was a royal palace and imperial palace in the center of Berlin, the historic capital of Prussia and later the German Empire. Located on Museum Island, the castle was the winter residence of Prussian kings and German emperors.

belin city hall1

Berlin City Hall in the 1920s
Construction of the palace first began in the 15th century and changed throughout the following centuries. The palace has Baroque architectural features and was completed in the mid-eighteenth century. Its design is attributed to the famous German architect Andreas Schluter.

The palace, which was turned into a museum after the German Empire’s overthrow in 1918, was severely damaged during World War II. and the bombing of Allied forces. Although it was possible to repair the damage, it was destroyed in 1950, despite protests from the people and the government in West Germany at the behest of the then East German leaders.

Reconstruction of the palace began in 2013, and part of the exterior of the palace was rebuilt. The complete reconstruction of the palace is expected to be completed in 2019.

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