The thief who stole Van Gogh’s masterpiece at night was arrested

Van Gogh paintings

Dutch police have arrested a suspect in last year’s theft of Van Gogh and Hals paintings.

Dutch police have arrested a middle-aged man on charges of stealing paintings by Vincent Van Gogh and Frans Hals during a Dutch museum holiday last year.

The thief stole the two paintings, worth 18 million from museums last night.

The police arrested the unnamed suspect on Tuesday morning at his home in Barn.

Police said they searched the suspect’s home and found none of the two stolen signs, known as “New Parsonage Garden in the spring” and “Two Smiling Boys.”

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The painting “Van Gogh” is valued at around 5 million pounds. The price of painting “Two Smiling Boys” by Hals is about 13.4 million pounds.

The thief stole the Van Gogh painting on March 30, 2020, when the Singer Lauren Museum was closed due to restrictions due to the Coronavirus spread.

However, the thief stole the Hals’ painting “Two Smiling Boys” in August from a museum in Liam. The thieves had entered the museum’s back door to steal the painting and had taken it out. The thieves had left when police arrived at the museum at 3.30 am.

The thieves had stolen the Hals’ work from the museum twice before, in 2011 and 1988, six months and three years after the theft, respectively.

Hals, who died in 1666, is one of the most important portrait painters of the Dutch Golden Age.

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