Spain cancels auction of possible Caravaggio paintings

Caravaggio paintings

Caravaggio portrait

Spain has stopped auctioning a painting. This painting may be one of Caravaggio paintings. He was the famous Renaissance painter.

The Spanish government canceled an auction on Thursday of a miniature painting. They wanted to sell it in Madrid. They estimated it for an € 1,500. However, they canceled it because they were suspicions about the creator.

In this painting, the Christ is wounded. This painting’s name is the “crowning with thorns”. It raises doubts about whether Caravaggio, the master Italian painter of the creator, might have created this work.

Experts are currently examining the painting, which measures 111 by 86 centimeters, to confirm its authenticity fully.

The Spanish Ministry of Culture has stated that it has immediately banned the painting from leaving the country after receiving a phone call from Prado experts. Experts at the Prado Museum say there is enough evidence to suggest that the work was one of Caravaggio’s works.

Some experts in the art world have now confirmed this work as one of Caravaggio’s paintings.

Italian art critic Vittorio Esgarbi said last month when a friend showed him a photograph of the painting. He immediately realized it belonged to Caravaggio.

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I saw this painting and immediately realized that it was one of Caravaggio’s works. Hence, it happened to me that I could return it to Italy with the help of the necessary funding. The painting is valuable. If sold to a private collector, it could be worth around 100 to 150 million euros, and if sold to a museum-like, it could sell for 50 million euros.

Maria Cristina Terzagi, a professor at the University of Rome and an expert on Caravaggio, also identified the painting as a masterpiece.

However, Nicola Spinosa, one of the foremost experts in seventeenth-century Italian painting, believes that this is not one of Caravaggio’s works. Only Caravaggio’s dark-light contrast technique was used to create the painting.

Of course, this painting is not the only work that has made headlines in recent years as one of Caravaggio’s possible painters. In 2014, an expert founded a work, which is Caravaggio’s lost painting in a French house’s attic. Five years later, a foreign collector bought the painting two days before the seller auctioned it.

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