Picasso famous painting auction


A woman painting by the window

The Hong Kong auction will sell one of Picasso’s portraits. They will sell it for tens of millions of dollars. They aim to bring the boom in art sales close to pre-Corona pre-epidemic levels.

Christie’s auction next week will sell off a painting by the famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso. This event will happen for an estimated $ 55 million to make it one of the few expensive artworks to hit the art market during the downturn. Corona has flourished due to the epidemic.

The painting they want to sell at the auction is a woman’s portrait by the window, created on October 30, 1932.

The Sotheby’s auction also announced last week that it would sell Jean-Michel Basquiat’s painting “Against Medici” next month for an estimated $ 50 million. A few weeks ago, a painting by the same Artist entitled “Warrior” sold for a whopping $ 42 million in Hong Kong to break the record for the most expensive work by a Western artist sold in the Asian market.

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Last month, a work of art by the world’s most famous street artist, Banksy, sold for $ 20 million to break the Artist’s record.

Given the slump in the sale of expensive works during the Corona epidemic, this is the beginning of a change in the art market.

According to Artist’s report, sales of modern and Impressionist artwork above $ 10 million fell more than 40 percent last year, and overall art sales fell 25 percent.

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