Imaging our future- the art festival in Kitakyushu

Imaging our future- the art festival in Kitakyushu

Imaging our future- the art festival in Kitakyushu

During this festival, we understand that art can draw people’s attention to the state of our planet. It can propose a better future by development goals.

Kitakyushu art festival this year, held in Kitakyushu, in north Kyushu. This festival brings together artwork from 30 artists. The majority of these artists were commissioned to address the issue of sustainable development goals (SDGs).

The role of art in change

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the city of Kitakyushu became a symbol of modernization in Japan due to its coal mining and steel industry. The city contributed significantly to the Japanese economy at the time. In the 1960s, however, Shah Kitakyushu became known as an environmentally polluting city and a city that harmed public health. In the 1980s, policies to reduce pollution were introduced in the city, and companies developed environmentally friendly technologies. With all the measures taken by the government and companies to reduce pollution and improve the environment. In the 21st century, art also plays a role in realizing these issues. Art tells us how every small citizen can play a small but effective role in change.

Imaging our future- the art festival in Kitakyushu

The places where artworks are displayed

Artwork at the Kitakyushu Festival is on display at seven locations: the Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History and Human History, the Kitakyushu Environmental Museum and the Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art, the Kitakyushu Innovation Gallery and Studio, Space World Station, Higashida Oodoori Park.

Imaging our future- the art festival in Kitakyushu

At the Higashida Oodoori Park

Higashida Oodoori Park is surrounded by farms and residential areas. Eiki Danzuka (artist) has used various native plants of this region. This artwork, called Medical Herbman Cafe Project 2021, is a 25-meter-long garden. This is a artwork in human form with silver vines; Japanese herbs, thistle, thistle, sycamore, Thunberg, and other wild herbs are planted. The mentioned plants are planted separately in the same area of ​​the body that is affected. The artist of this wonderful work invites people to achieve prosperity by using sustainable methods and modern knowledge and natural resources around them. This is one of the SDGs. At this festival, freshly brewed herbal drinks are available in the Medical Herbman Café, which is available to visitors.

Hideki Shibata (artist), famous for his Yodogawa technique, is performing in the park. He has dealt with the issue of global waste. He made 2 huge extinct animals on the coast of Ino Island. The sculptures are made of plastic waste. The artist has collected the garbage with the people, which includes rubber boots to the side of the soap and a variety of plastic utensils that are all everyday household items. He draws people’s attention to the effects of these plastics on the environment and that this waste destroys rare animals.

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At Kitakyushu Museum

Using the latest technology, artist Yoichi Ochiai explores the wonders of the museum’s antiquities. Known for the mystery and beauty of the artwork, Ochiai offers high-resolution images of objects such as desmoceras ammonite from 110 million years ago and an iron fish hook from the sixth century.

Imaging our future- the art festival in Kitakyushu

At Kitakyushu Innovation Gallery

At the Kitakyushu Innovation Gallery, there is a joint project between Hiroya Tanaka University Lab and Think Metacity Lab, the second project being led by concept designer Ryuta Aoki. The title of this project is Bio Sculpture (2021) which is installed in the exterior of the gallery. The project includes an ecosystem that connects forest soil components to the urban environment.

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at Kyo University in Yokohama

A team used a 30mm 30mm printer from Tanaka Laboratory at Kyo University in Yokohama to print the bio sculpture into a large container. It seems that environmental materials such as soil and rice husks return to the environment over time. Different types of moss are planted around the surface of the printed statue. The team’s goal was to allow the computer to calculate how each moss grows in a specific environment, instead of human intervention. Finally, moss may spread organically into other mosses. The team aims to explore the possibility of another form of ecosystem using 3D printing and digital technology.

While these are artistic expressions and research on global climate change and sustainable living, the Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art focuses on diversity and inclusiveness.

Imaging our future- the art festival in Kitakyushu

the Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art

Clothes that are Wearable Medicine. Costume designer Reiko Tsurumaru shows clothes that fit people of any body type. After working at Giovanchi Couture, Tsurumaru turned to clothe for the disabled. To design a costume in which people of any body type can feel comfortable, she uses her unique Tsurumaru diagrammatic method, which involves measuring 46 points on the body. her view is that no one will be left behind.

Many other artists in the museum have disabilities. Chisato Minamimura, a Japanese performing artist based in London, lost his hearing at the age of seven months. His work in Silence (2019) is his body function and recording the voices of Hibakusha deaf victims who survived the horrors and devastation of the 1945 atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is a fascinating expression of a sad history unveiled by an artist who cannot hear “sounds” but depends on the visual world.

Imaging our future- the art festival in Kitakyushu

The aim of festival in Kitakyushu

We know that humans consume the earth’s resources, but this festival shows that art can give us an idea of ​​how to adapt to economic growth and focus on the quality of life for all of humanity, in harmony with our planet’s ecosystem.

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