The life of Marie Antoinette (part1)

Marie Antoinette

What happened to her?

Marie Antoinette, born in Vienna in 1755, was a member of the Austrian royal family and was 14 years old when she married the Crown Prince of France. Such marriages were common among the ruling classes of Europe at that time and were not unusual or unprecedented. However, the French people, who viewed the Austrian monarchy as their enemy, did not recognize her as the queen of their country or even one of themselves as an “Austrian woman.” She did not try to change this view of the people.

 She was accustomed to the court’s vivid life and did not know any other way of life. Each week, they sewed three or four new clothes for her. She spent large sums of money from the treasury to design the decor of the theaters in which she acted, and she even paid her debts from gambling losses from the state treasury. Even when she was tired of everyday life and trying to live differently, she was still extravagant. For example, inspired by reading the writings of Jean-Jacques Rousseau in search of the originality of life, she ordered to build a small village for her in Versailles’ gardens, where he dressed as a rural woman and lived like them.

She milked with her own hands and put the firewood that one of her servants had broken for her next to the house. Before her, the French court was deeply corrupt, but she intensified it by indulging in extravagance. Those who did not say no to her and fulfilled her strange desires rose to prominence in government and court. They were replaced by a small number of worthy men loyal to the royal family, even in France, suffering from a chronic financial crisis. She was helpless.

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