Six easy and simple ways to create artwork and become an artist (part1)


Do you want to create works of art? Do you want to become a real artist?

You may be told that you need to go to art school or university to do this. There are many problems in this direction. Sometimes it gets in the way, maybe life gets a little confusing, we may not enjoy our life enough, or we may have a repetitive life. However, eventually, we can find a way to do what we love and keep it for a long time. We create so many such works using the same method and technique because it is a method that is efficient as well as exciting. However, this excitement will not last long and we will feel tired and helpless again. Before you spend a lot of money on art classes, try the six steps ahead. Here are six steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for creating an artwork.

Step 1: Reuse old tools and materials

Look at your old art box. If you have been creating art for a while and have given it up for some reason, now you have a handful of materials and tools that you once used and have remained intact.

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I have a collection of gouache paints that I bought several years ago and never used. I recently used them again, but this time instead of painting (which I was very disappointed with) I used them for design work. I used a slim brush to do this; it looks like something interesting will happen when you use a particular device differently.

Step 2: Discovering Your Purpose

When exactly did you last try to draw with crayons, magic, or use a coloring book? None of those weird, cute coloring books for adults. We mean very simple children’s coloring books.

Using such simple tools will help you to have a mental spark. When you use things like this, you do not need to force yourself to create a special and unique effect. This is just to remind you that art is also a personal hobby, of course, if you want to enjoy it yourself. Do you have many thoughts in your mind about what exactly your art is for or what it means? However, these thoughts are cumbersome. The important thing is to allow yourself to enjoy creating a work of art.

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