Caspar David Friedrich is a famous German painter

Caspar David Friedrich’s paintings by other Romantic painters stem from a sense of sadness for his past as well as his devastating German land. Like other painters of this style who attach great importance to the element of imagination, he stands in front of the canvas painting and waits for the painting to be engraved in his imagination and appear on the canvas. He told one of his friends: “Close your eyes to see your subjects with the naked eye first, then bring to light what has appeared to you in the dark.” In this way, everything that comes from within you affects others from within.

The space of Friedrich’s paintings is between the inside and the outside world. However, with all these fantasies, it seems that all the elements are fixed and nothing happens. His works often show human beings wandering in a dead, cold, and desolate land, like a ruined cemetery, frozen and not even able to move and take a step towards changing their destiny. It is as if David Friedrich Caspar is chanting for his fragmented Germany. The fascination with the symbols of death and nothingness that abounds in Friedrich’s work is one of the hallmarks of Romanticism.

Francisco speaks for justice

Francis Goya, a freedom-loving Spaniard himself, attacked the new government and the Inquisition with sarcastic prints of torture. Each of these smiles tells a short story about the strange crimes of the victims and their unjust trial. For example, one was guilty of being a Jew, and the other was a premature sin!

It seems those years later, after illness, he loses his hearing and sinks into isolation. This time the dark side of his imagination becomes more and more apparent. Leading to the creation of strange works that rely entirely on his emotions and inner selves.

The story of William Turner’s Slave board

The horrific catastrophes, with their roaring seas, foggy scenery, blazing sunsets, and, in a word, violent nature, inspired William Turner. He was very good at displaying atmospheric conditions and reflecting light.

Turner’s work looks beautiful at first glance, and this beauty draws the viewer inward. However, suddenly the horrible reality and event taking place between light and color catch the audience’s attention. Like the “Slave Ship” sign, which shows the helpless and trapped hands of sick people caught in the roaring waves of the sea, the ship’s captain ordered them to be thrown into the sea so that they could be insured against drowning.

William Turner, like other Romantics, portrayed individual experiences. He conveys the pain and suffering that these slaves had endured. He ties himself to a wooden board and drops it in the sea waves. Therefore he understands their feelings and expresses them with the help of lines and colors.

Therefore, in the definition of Romanticism, it should be considered a style whose followers were subject to feelings and emotions instead of logic and reason. They tried to transcend the facts around them from their imagination and then bring them to the canvas. In other words, this movement emphasized the expression of individual experiences and everything that excited human emotions and feelings.

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