Meet a young artist: Lansona Kershaw

Meet a young artist: Lansona Kershaw

Meet a young artist: Lansona Kershaw

The passion of Lansona Kershaw’s life is creativity and communication. She combines whip-smart copywriting with impressive visuals in campaigns for brands such as Virgin, Dyson, and Depop. Kershaw, BA graduate from the University of Central Lancashire responds to what people deal with in their everyday life, from food and fast fashion to digital addiction. Kershaw speaks about some of her key projects when the UCLan’s Digital Degree Show 2021 is being launched. She won the Society and Sustainability Award in this show.

The artist’s name, course and graduate project, and the media she works with

She is Lansona Kershaw, a Creative Advertising BA Hons. Her graduate project in consisted of several projects with the purpose of making a portfolio. She has worked with different kinds of media including case study videos, sketches, and fully designed mock-ups.

Meet a young artist: Lansona Kershaw

The main themes explored in Kershaw’s work

The main themes she explored were the topics that looked very prominent in her everyday life. Topics such as social media dependence, fast fashion, and melanoma in people of color. Let’s take a look at her three projects that were featured in UCLan’s Degree Show 2021.

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The Ethical Alternative

It is a self-initiated brief she set was for a three-part print campaign. This campaign was for the app Depop. Kershaw wanted to represent Depop as an ethical alternative to online shopping and fast fashion. She found out that items of clothing that were worn once or twice are considered “old” by one in three young women. Knowing this fact, Kershaw decided to work on the idea of allowing the clothes to have longer life cycles by buying and selling secondhand. The final outcomes were some collages of popular vintage garments which were paired with an eco-friendly pun as a line of copy.

Meet a young artist: Lansona Kershaw


Kershaw was asked to bring value to something of no value. She came out with the idea of working on boredom scrolling on social media, considering the fact that it has become a lot more prominent during the Covid lockdown periods. She found that the screen time children and teenagers spend has increased during the lockdown. The outcome of dependence on digital devices could be the long-term negative impacts on development. Kershaw decided to encourage teens to learn to code which is a lifelong skill, to turn long screen time into something positive.

Blockdown Outta Lockdown

It’s a brief set for D&AD designed to raise awareness of melanoma in people of color. Many black people believe they don’t need to wear sunscreen because they have heard having melanated skin means they are protected from the sun. The lockdown has been continued for so long, so when it ends people will be desperate to go outdoors, celebrate, and party. This three-part campaign wants to encourage people to use sun protection and spread awareness of symptoms to young women in collaboration with Caribbean carnivals across the world. The aim in this project is to represent lifesaving information in the shape of something enjoyable and memorable for the groups that are at risk.

Meet a young artist: Lansona Kershaw

Where does Kershaw find inspiration and what drives her to create?

She finds inspiration through everyday life, her experiences, and the experiences of her friends and family. She likes to take the problem she sees and link it to her work to find solutions.

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What she hopes audiences take away from her work

She hopes her work inspires people to change their daily lifestyles in a way that benefits them positively.

About Kershaw’s future plans, projects, and ideas

She is currently looking for jobs in the Advertising industry such as a Junior Copywriter or Junior Creative.

UCLan’s 2021 Degree Show from Kershaw’s point of view

She believes the degree show is a great opportunity for new creatives to showcase their work to people in the industry. It can be accounted as an accessible alternative to the physical degree show.

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