Jose Javier Serrano and Salva Lopez

Jose Javier Serrano and Salva Lopez

Jose Javier Serrano and Salva Lopez

Two book lover photographers

Jose Javier Serrano and Salva Lopez are two photographers and book lovers who aim to set up the world’s largest video library in video format. They film the books they receive from above and flip through the book in HD quality and upload it to the video-hosting service. The two have so far filmed more than 150 books, most of them by contemporary photographers.

Before photography was accepted as an art form by museums and art galleries in the mid-twentieth century, books were the most important medium for presenting photography. After the spread of photography in the art world, the book’s potential to show more photographs, higher print quality, cost-effectiveness, easy distribution, pervasiveness, and collectors’ interest in buying photo books as an art product, more photographers are interested. They have to present their works in this way. Also, the audience feels more comfortable with them. “I love my photo book,” says Martin Parr, a member of the Magnum Agency, one of the world’s leading collectors of photo books and postcards, and author of the two-volume History of Photo Books. Photo books are like travel ideas. One who receives the book opens it and encounters a multitude of different imaginations.

But preparing photo books for us, as those interested in having these books, is not easy. Photo books enter the country in a limited and difficult way, and when they are ready for sale, their high prices deter many from buying them. In the meantime, we should not forget the lines that censors create with magic on photographic masterpieces.

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