Georgia O’Keeffe (part2)


Georgia O’Keeffe (part2)

Life and Art

O’Keeffe resigned from the New York Student Club in 1908 and went to Chicago to start a painting business. In 1909, she returned to Williams Borg with her family and later went to a nearby college. In 1912, a friend wrote to her that she had a teaching position as head of a painting group in Amarillo, Georgia. Georgia applied for that position and she was hired for the fall semester. She taught there until 1916 and spent the summers teaching at the University of Virginia.

As O’Keefe spends her summer at the University of Virginia School of Art with Professor Allen Bement, she got familiar with Arthur Wesley Dow. Arthur was an artist and head of the College of Art Professors at Columbia University. He had some fresh ideas in the arts. Dow believed that art’s ultimate goal was to show the artist’s concept and inner sense. Art manifests itself well in the homogeneous combination of lines and color. Wesley Dow’s ideas provided Georgia with a viable alternative to her “representational and photographic realism.”

She continued her artistic activity for almost two years under the supervision of “Dow.” She tried to try different ways in creating her works. To discover the inner language to express feelings and ideas, she has done a series of works with charcoal. These works are a new style throughout the American New Art Age.

After resigning from her job in Amarillo, She moved to New York City (South Carolina). She wanted to be there when she had a good teaching opportunity at Columbia College of Teachers. The teaching style program provided an excellent opportunity for her to paint more. In addition, it gave her more time to put aside whatever was in her mind as traditional art—a new chance to portray inner feelings and individual innovations.

“I have things in mind that are different from everything I have ever learned. Dimensions and ideas are very close to me, very close to my way, my vision and attitude! All of these manifest in a way that motivates me. “They do a hundred times to portray them!”

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