Creative idea of stunning watercolor paintings on the bathroom sink by an Italian artist

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Marta Grossi uses her special imagination to make handwashing extremely fun. This Italian artist paints his sink with beautiful designs with watercolor to finally wash this beauty.

Creative ideas for stunning watercolor paintings

Grossi is a creative artist and director based in Milan, Italy, undergoing coronavirus home quarantine. One of these days, when his traditional painting papers ran out, he turned to this innovative method. To achieve a magical effect, he began to use his watercolors directly on the sink. Before washing his colorful art, he allowed each of these beautiful designs to stay on the sink for 24 hours. He talked to Insider about how to turn a scary device into a platform for creating fleeting but beautiful artwork. The following is an excerpt from his speech

The creative idea of ​​stunning watercolor paintings on the bathroom sink first came to my mind when I returned home from a grocery store during the height of the coronavirus outbreak and local laws for severe quarantine in cities. Everything in the city felt apocalyptic. I kept hearing the sound of rescue helicopters. When I got home, I was very upset and just wanted to wash everything. As I was washing my hands in the sink, I noticed my water box next to the sink. Suddenly something moved inside me and I started painting. First, the branches appeared, and then I drew the cherry blossoms. At that moment, I completely lost track of time and all my unpleasant thoughts were washed away.

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I believe that the strange noise of colors makes you feel like you are in the service of a luxury hotel or you have gone to a stylish restaurant for a weekend dinner. Such an atmosphere removes all your negative and unpleasant thoughts and makes you smile every time you go to the sink to wash your hands.

The creative idea of ​​stunning watercolor paintings on the sink was such that I wanted to use my hands to create a new feeling using things I was familiar with. My watercolors are tools that I know how to use to stay in the moment and not let events out of my control affect me.

These designs are an example of temporary art that shows the importance of cherishing life now. I am constantly reminding myself that nothing lasts forever and I create a new day by washing my plans.

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From animals to images of nature and famous quotes, Grossi has allowed his imagination to keep up with the times. At a time when people in Italy and around the world are forced to stay at home, he beautifully brings the outdoors into the home. This tasteful artist hopes to one-day hold an exhibition full of painted sinks inspired by the current quarantine conditions of the world; Because, in his opinion, sinks and uniform washing of hands are always a symbol of everyday life and inattention of all of us to the moments of life.

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