Biography of Jack Nicholson (part2)


From childhood to best actor

Jack Nicholson achieved his long-held dream in 1976 and starred with Marlon Brando in “Missouri Burns.” He tried to make the most of the collaboration, but Brando’s misbehavior dashed his hopes. “Brando did not memorize any of his dialogues and read them from large notes next to the camera,” Jack said in an interview. The film was screened and failed. That same year, 39-year-old Jack starred in Elia Kazan’s “Last Mission,” alongside “Robert De Niro” and “Robert Redford.” At the same time, Jack Nicholson decided to try directing again.

This time he directed “Journey to the South,” and again, he could not be successful in his work. His next job was starring in Stanley Kubrick’s “Shine.” Ten months of work to make “Shine” made Jack very tired. Therefore, he decided to take a two-year break after playing in “The Postman Always Rings Twice.”

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Two years later, in 1982, Jack starred in “Terms of Endearment,” directed by James L. Brooks, and won his second Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Shortly afterward, he appeared in a mafia comedy with Angelica Houston and was able to work with John Houston again.

Jack Nicholson accepted the role of Shocker in 1989 for “Batman.” By appearing in this film, Jack was able to attract the young generation’s attention to his play. His re-collaboration with Tim Burton led to a blockbuster film production that added to his fan base.

It proved to everyone that Jack could be successful in any role. He was paid $ 6 million to star in the film, which sold $ 60 million. “Jack Nicholson” then started directing another film, which, of course, began five years ago, but he stopped it because of some problems.

The failed film “Hapa,” directed by Danny Dubito, was Jack Nicholson’s next film, but starring in “A Few Good Men” with Tom Cruise once again took him to the top of the ladder. The name “Jack Nicholson” was written on Hollywood Street’s pavement in December 1996 and was registered in the history book.

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