Antony Gormley

Antony Gormley

Antony Gormley

Sculpture profession

Antony Mark David Gormley (August 30, 1950 – West Yorkshire) is an English sculptor. His best-known works include The Angel of the North. This statue is in the north of England near Newcastle. “Elsewhere” is on Crosby Beach near Liverpool. “Event Horizon” is an arrangement of thirty-one human figures in a radius of one and a half kilometers, shown to the public in 2007 in London, in 2010 in Madison Square in New York, and in 2012 Sao Paulo.


Antony Gormley, the seventh and youngest child of a wealthy family, was born on August 30, 1950, in West Yorkshire to a German mother and an Irish father. He grew up in a Roman Catholic family. From 1968 to 1971, he studied archeology, anthropology, and art history at Trinity College, Cambridge University. Gormley traveled to India and Sri Lanka from 1971 to 1974 to study Buddhism. After returning from a trip to St Martin’s College of Art and Design, Goldsmiths College London, and the School of Slide Art School at the University of London, he pursued a master’s degree in sculpture.

Artistic career

Antony Gormley began his career with a solo exhibition in 1981 at the White Chapel Gallery in London. Antony Gormley’s work central theme is a man and the relationship that man establishes with his environment. He challenges the essence of human existence in his works.

In all of Gormley’s work, the human body’s form is seen somehow, and he uses his own body for the original state. I use my body as the primary model for molding because I feel it is the closest experience I can have to the material world,” he says. “I use my body shape as a bridge to connect two worlds, one unreal and an inner world with the real world we are in.”

One of Antony Gormley’s most important works is a giant sculpture called the “Angel of the North.” This work is 20 meters high and has wings that open in the shape of an airplane. It is 54 meters wide, located near the city of Newcastle, and provides a memorable scene.

Another of his works, “Elsewhere,” is a collection of over 100 sculptures of standing men staring out to sea. The statues are located two kilometers off the coast of Crosby, Liverpool.

Antony Gormley won the Turner Prize, one of the most prestigious art awards in the UK and the world, in 1994 for his British Isles composition.

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