Yayoi Kusama infinity imaginary room in the world

Yayoi Kusama infinity imaginary room

The dynamic immersive work of the 90-year-old Japanese woman, who has appeared on the New York art scene since the 1960s and is a contemporary of Andy Warhol, is the best-selling art that her artist lives on today. His infinity imaginary room are groundbreaking and unique artistic experiences that put the viewer at the center of the work in the true sense of the word. Works that have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. These rooms have traveled the world with tickets sold out for months. Ontario Art Galleries are also held in places such as the vast Los Angeles Museum and with widespread public support.

Pictures of Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Room, entitled “The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away,” can be found in the vast Los Angeles Museum.

Love is calling

In September, the Boston Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA) experienced the play “Love Is Calling: Love Is Calling.” A psychedelic experience full of neon ivy with Kusama’s signature scaly dots growing from the floor and ceiling. These ivies seem to have spread to an infinite extent beyond our eyes. This exhibition is the first permanent installation of the works of the legendary pop artist in all of New England.

In a world of visual social media, Kusama’s work has become an Instagram currency. If you have seen it, but you have no post about it, well, you have not seen it at all! But there is more to the works of this experienced artist. You enter the room. The door closes behind you. You are drowning in something suddenly and bigger than you are. This is something that is far more important than the number of your Instagram followers.

Experience an infinity imaginary room Yayoi Kusama room

Throughout the space, depending on what you see inside Yayoi Kusama’s infinity imaginary room, a continuous stream of Kusama’s art is played. In this song, he recites a poem he wrote entitled “Living in a Castle of Shed Tears” to a beautiful rhythm. “In Japanese,” he says.

For many years, with art as a weapon, I have traveled in search of love.

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His work does not require an advanced degree in art to understand its inner meaning. Everything is clear. The moment you stop taking pictures and simply enjoy being in space, you also experience being. This experience ends in a minute. Exactly, even less. Outside the room, the walls are filled with translations of his poem. “Love is calling,” they say with great demand.

Beyond Infinity: Kusama Contemporary Art

An attached gallery, a supplemental exhibition entitled “Beyond Infinity: Kusama Contemporary Art,” features several more of the artist’s work. These pieces are placed next to the works of artists whose works have been inspired by Kusama’s special patterns and repetitions. These all involve specific reactions in the human body and emotions.

You see a statue the size of a real man in front of a three-dimensional wall. The statue is dressed in Kusama embroidered designs. In addition, birds instead of its head cover a huge chandelier. The name of the work is “Sound suits” by artist Nick Cave.

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