Why has been fish one of the main themes in the life and art of Pablo Picasso

 Why has been fish one of the main themes in the life and art of Pablo Picasso

Why has been fish one of the main themes in the life and art of Pablo Picasso

In this article, we are going to talk about Pablo Picasso. First we present the biography of Pablo Picasso and at the end we talk about fish one of the main themes in the life and art of Pablo Picasso. be with us.

biography of Pablo Picasso

Undoubtedly, countless people around the world have heard the name of Picasso and this prominent Spanish artist is known for his Cubist style works.

Picasso was born on October 25, 1881 in Malaga and died in 1973 in France. He was a painter, sculptor, ceramicist, set designer and handprint specialist and is considered one of the greatest and most influential artists of the twentieth century. He was one of the founders of the Cubist school along with Georges Brack.

Pablo Picasso had a creative personality as an influential twentieth century artist. He has been constantly searching and experimenting for 92 years of his life. He excelled not only in the various visual arts, but also in the field of writing. His works from childhood naturalism to Cubism, surrealism and beyond show the maturity of the painter. Picasso shaped the course of modern and contemporary art. He witnessed both world wars and had four children in his lifetime.

 Why has been fish one of the main themes in the life and art of Pablo Picasso

Take a look at other part of biography of Pablo Picasso

Middle years: 1900 to 1940

In 1900, Picasso first went to Paris, the mainstay of European art. At that time his roommate Max Jacob; It was the poet and journalist who took the artist under his wing. Picasso moved to Madrid in 1901 and spent the first half of the year there. He partnered with a friend in a literary magazine and illustrated articles. When the first issue of the magazine came out, the artist had signed his work under the name Picasso instead of Pablo Ruiz e Picasso.

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Blue period

The Blue Age, a well-known part of Picasso’s work, lasted from 1901 to 1904. During this time, the artist used more of the blue color spectrum in his work and sometimes used other colors to emphasize. For example, the famous guitarist work created in 1903 shows a guitar with warmer tones in the range of blue colors. Historians believe that this period of Picasso’s work was largely influenced by depression after the suicide of a friend. Some of the issues that emerge in the blue period; Blindness, poverty and sometimes naked women.

Pink period

The Pink Period lasted from 1904 to 1906. At this time, pink shadows are seen in Picasso’s works of art, and a warmer and happier atmosphere is conveyed to the audience than in the previous paintings. Among the recurring themes of this period are clowns and circus actors. One of the best-selling works of this period; A boy with a pipe. Elements of primitive art in pink paintings can reflect the artist’s lived experiences.

fish one of the main themes in the life and art of Pablo Picasso

The influence of animals on the artistic life of Pablo Picasso is such that without their presence, his works cannot be interpreted. They play a special role in the various adventures of human life and create lasting images on the pages of artists’ minds. Picasso set his mind free to absorb the inspirations that come from the various images and drawings of animals and to recreate them in his works. One of the most prominent of these paintings can be seen in the Guernica painting. In the apocalyptic view, this work shows the complexity of human and animal existence, the destruction of one of which will surely lead to the destruction of the other. Picasso has always focused this close connection between human life and animals in his art world, and without knowing his vision of animals, much of his artistic life seems to be overlooked. If he saw humans in a particular way and from a different perspective at any point in time, nature, and especially animals, would be included in his view.

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According to him, this bird had a temperament close to humans and even painted human faces for him in the sculptures he made of owls. The same was true of the dogs, goats, horses, fish, and cows that were always present in his environment and created colorful mental images for him: fish one of the main themes in the life and art of Pablo Picasso. In his paintings, sculptures and paintings on the dishes of these animals, especially fish, he reflected in various shapes and situations.

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