What are the benefits of art?

What are the benefits of art?


Creating an artistic atmosphere and doing activities in this field reduces stress. Increased creative thinking and mental flexibility and other mental health items also increase. And it is interesting to know that anyone with any level of ability can do artistic activity. But how does creating an artistic atmosphere help reduce your stress? Did you know that doing activities such as painting, sculpture, fun games, photographing your favorite landscapes and… makes you feel calm in your troubled mind?

Performing artistic activities psychologically creates a pure and calm feeling in your mind. In fact, creating an artistic atmosphere is a way to distract from everyday thoughts. It is interesting to know that every normal person has about 60,000 types of thoughts every day. 95% of these thoughts end at the end of the day and are for the same day!. When you are completely immersed in an art activity, you will enter a border of focus or so-called “personality area”, which can temporarily separate you from everyday worries.

Leonardo da Vinci claims that painting involves all ten’s eye functions. Functions include: (darkness, light, body and color, shape and location, distance and proximity, movement and stop). Creating art, focusing on its details and not paying attention to the surroundings, works like meditation for you.

A very popular art routine for reducing stress is coloring books for adults. The idea of ​​painting was first implemented in France. Just when the per capita use of antidepressants and sedatives was at its peak. Taking into account the tastes and environmental conditions of its adult audience, one collection published coloring books that were met with a great response from therapists in the field of stress reduction. This treatment was also performed for the mentally injured in French hospitals.

What are the benefits of art?

1.Art Boosts Confidence

You can put your children’s paintings on the refrigerator to boost their confidence to do other activities, or you can hang your latest artwork on the wall in front of your eyes and bring the same feeling to life.

Creating art increases dopamine, the neurotransmitter of feeling good. Dopamine is a “motivational molecule”. This mental drive increases attention and concentration; Which allows you to plan and resist trauma so that you can achieve your goals. Dopamine stimulates new neurons and prepares your brain for learning; And it makes you say “I can” to you before you start, and get up and go for that activity.

Keep in mind that you do not have to create fine arts to enjoy these benefits. Rather, doing a variety of hobbies – knitting, sewing, painting, photography, carpentry, gardening, as well as doing household repairs – increases dopamine. Which prevents depression and protects the brain from aging.

2.Art helps people express themselves

Art helps people express themselves, discover their feelings, break their obsessions and habits, and improve their self-esteem. Art is very useful for children with disabilities and is suitable and effective for almost everyone.

You have probably experienced the peace of mind of drawing or listening to music. All of this is due to the healing and soothing properties of art. If you present this situation to art therapists, they will explain the scientific reasons for the process of influence.

Painting, playing music, singing and painting are some of the things that relax. The effect of these things is not known, big or small, and it causes peace. So, do not be afraid to do them and throw your heart into the sea of ​​art.

Art helps all diseases. For example, people with cancer suffer a lot of pressure, stress and sadness. Art allows these people to express the emotions that weigh on their chests.

Even if art is not used to treat various diseases, it is still a good way to reduce normal pressures and stresses. The use of art therapy is expanding and can be considered as a suitable and useful job.

3.Art reduces stress

Painting and art can take your mind off the subject that is causing you anxiety for at least a few minutes. When you are focused on creating something, it is difficult to think about problems, and if you are still thinking about your problems, you can use them in your work, and when you are completely fascinated by your designs, you have to face your problems again with an open mind.

4.Art reduce pain in old people

Many seniors are affected by osteoarthritis, high blood pressure and other aches and pains. Art therapy in the elderly is naturally relaxing. Older people use their arms and fingers to use art, while this physical activity is light but adaptable and can help improve agility and blood flow. By using small and purposeful movements, they benefit from increasing the coordination of body movements and can more easily ignore their pain, because they are focused on their art Which is because of  miraculous power of art.

5.Art strengthens the sense of socialism

Human is a social being who, through talking and exchanging emotions and thoughts, provides the ground for his and others’ development. Communicating with others requires skills that are learned from childhood. Discussions, descriptions and reviews, group activities in painting, crafts, hymns and songs, stories and plays help the student to communicate. Also, activities such as completing half-finished paintings and completing a story or memory with a painting, etc. give people the opportunity to connect with others and their thinking and imagination, to present themselves to them, to present them. Accept, know about yourself and experience participation in work


Just having fun can bring a sense of balance to your lifestyle. Sometimes due to life responsibilities we forget that we need and have the right to rest and take care of ourselves. Spending a few minutes a day on your hobby can give you more peace of mind. Don’t forget to share this useful and interesting information about benefits of art with your friends and family members too.

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