Tricks for making crafts for kids

Making crafts is a childhood favorite for most kids, and you can find some crayons in every house with kids. We are here to help parents who want to learn some of the most fun tricks for making crafts for kids using crayons. No matter what age your kid is, we have projects for all ages. All you need to start these fun activities and have hours of coloring fun with your kid is a box of crayons, and if you don’t have crayons around the house, we have a suggestion for you.

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3 crafts for kids using wax crayons

There are so many different fun ideas to do with crayons. In this post, we have chosen some of the most fun activities (beyond basic coloring which is a world of fun itself) you can do with your kids using crayons.

Crafts for kids no.1: Scratch-art using crayons

Color a blank paper with bright colors; you can use white paper, card stock, or light-colored construction paper. Use any color you like, orange and green, rainbow colors, and any other combination of colors are good choices, the only thing that matters is to cover the entire page and not leave any white paper showing.

In the next step, you should cover the bright colors using black poster paint (with a brush) or black crayon. It is important to cover the entire picture.

The last step of making your scratch art is scratching! Use something sharp enough to scratch away the paint, and safe enough for kids to use. It can be a bamboo skewer, a popsicle stick, a chopstick, or even an empty ballpoint pen.

Crafts for kids no.2: Secret art crayon art

Have you ever thought about why Crayola makes white crayons? You can use a white crayon to create different effects through your art. Here we will tell you how to use your white crayon and watercolors to create a secret note.

This craft is full of surprise for the painter. The first (and only) thing the creator of this art needs to do is to write a message on a card stock paper using a white crayon.

The second step is coloring the paper with watercolor paint or food coloring mixed with water using a paintbrush. You can use different bright colors to make the secret message appear more colorfully. Once your kids learn to do this activity on their own, you may receive exciting secret notes on Mother/ fathers day.

Crafts for kids no.3: Crayon wax transfer art

And here is the last cool crayon project we will introduce to you. We are sure your kid will love seeing the reveal.

First, use your crayons to make any pattern you like on a piece of paper. The important point is to press the crayon hard to get a thick layer of waxy color on your paper. Using thinner papers like copy paper will give you better results.

Once the paper is covered, flip the crayon paper face-down over a piece of blank paper. It is better to brush off the random wax bits before flipping the paper to get the best results.

Use a pencil or ballpoint pen to draw whatever you want. Remember to press the pencil pretty firmly. When you are finished, lift the crayon paper and see the magic.

Final words on making crafts for kids using crayons

These were 3 of the most simple and amazing activities you can do to have quality time with your child using crayons. You can make these crafts with your kids to develop their creativity and motor skills while building a strong, nurturing relationship. Although you can make these crafts with your children of all ages, remember children under 3 years old must use Crayola Crayons under adult supervision due to the choking risk.

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