The winners of the Portrait of Humanity 2019 competition were announced (Part2)

winners of the Portrait of Humanity


Fabian Muir. Cradle Shaking Hands, North Korea (50 Winning Photos)

These children live in an orphanage. Not only do they make me think about their future, but they also make me think about the future of their country.

Federico Redin. Beauty Center, Uganda (50 photos)

Hairdresser working on the balcony of a commercial building. The competition for a retail location in central Kampala is fierce.

Guoman Liao. Girl with an iPhone in her hand, Canada (part of 50 winning photos)

Iorgis Matyassy. Faso on horseback, Burkina Faso (part of 50 winning photos)

Faso is a skilled rider. I was amazed when I saw how easily he could put the horse to sleep on the ground as if it were his pet dog.

Jack Lawson. Eagles, Nigeria (50 photos)

Amputation is common in Nigeria, especially among young men. The main reason is diabetes and road accidents. The group did not back down from the members and became members of the Eagles’ football team. This team has brought them together and created a great bond between them.

Martin H.M. Schreiber. Seven daughters of Amish (Christian denominations) and a urinating cow, USA (top 50 photos)

The girls heard that the cow was urinating and trying to stop them from laughing.

Rob Lavers. Waqar, France (50 photos)

The energy of this ceremony was extraordinary.

Roman Shalenkin. Worker, Coal Plant, Russia (Part 50 Winner Photos)

This girl is a 28-year-old girl who works in a coal factory. When I spoke to him, he said that everyone always asked him why I work in such a dark, damp, and dirty place. “We need to have a job, and that’s my job,” he said. “I do not think of anything else.”

Ying Wang. Under the skin, China (component 50 winning photos)

Sunming Bai is the actor Mao Zedong, one of the many Chinese actors. The makeup on one side refers to Bai’s acting experiences in the opera, and we see him in the role of Mao’s boss. The job is farming.

Priscilla Falcón Moeller. Orlando, Cuba (first winner)

I took this photo in Regla, a town around Havana, Cuba. My project, Teddy Bear Dream, was ending, and I found a community I felt comfortable at home. We spent hours in a local park. One of those days, I saw Orlando lying on a carousel. His gaze penetrated my heart. I knelt and took his portrait. He did not move after taking this photo, and I did not say anything; he was impressive.

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