The influential artist in 2020

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The influential artist in 2020

Banksy is a British graffiti artist, political activist, director, and painter whose works are engraved with political and social themes on the streets and on walls or stairs. In his works, he often deals with the pain and sorrow of immigrants and displaced people.
The artist’s work gradually appeared on walls and trains in 1993, and by 2001 his art began to show throughout the UK.
Banksy had his signature so that his works could be easily distinguished from other graffiti artists’ works.

The works of this artist are engraved on the walls of many cities. And with his street art, he challenges many social and political issues of the day, and his main goal is to protest.

Street art is the work of art as opposed to classical art and museum and gallery art. Graffiti is just a part of street art, and it includes a wide range of subjects.

The artist’s murals focus on global warming, war, illegal eavesdropping, and harsh conditions. One of Banksy’s works’ exciting points is the attention to animals such as mice and monkeys that are a symbol of the struggle against capitalism. So far, the artist’s paintings have often been removed from the wall and sold for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Banksy graffiti artist Banksy has not yet made his name in any media; while he can gain a lot of fame and prestige by showing his face and selling his works at a high price, he has long hidden his face and identity the world.

Although Banksy’s true identity has not yet been revealed with certainty, the update of his mural, which recreates the famous painting of a girl with pearl earrings by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, adds a health mask to the picture, reaffirming hypotheses about Banksy’s true identity.
Banksy has donated his new work to a British hospital praising health workers at the forefront of the fight against the Coronavirus.

In this work, “Banksy” portrays a boy playing with a doll in a cape dressed as a nurse.
Next to this child is a basket full of dolls of heroes such as “Spider-Man” and “Batman” are left.
Banksy donated the new work, along with a note, to Southampton General Hospital. The hospital is hosting researchers on the Coronavirus who are trying to find a vaccine for the virus.

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