The indifference of the London authorities to the famous novelists and playwrights (part1)


Although many of the world’s great writers born in “London” or chose “London” as their home, there are no traces of these writers in the city.

Authors such as Daniel Duffo, Henry Fielding, Samuel Richardson, Muriel Spark, Doris Lessing, and Angela Crater are among the authors. This shortcoming highlighted by the presence of a new statue of George Orwell at the entrance to the BBC building. However, the phrase engraved next to the Orwellian statue – “If freedom has meaning, it means saying things that people do not want to accept” – shows a bitter truth.

Even if we consider the statue of George Orwell in London as a tribute to his art of writing, there are only two statues in the city of London of native or resident writers. One is a statue of Orwell. The other is a statue of Virginia Woolf in Tavi Stock Square. Many storytellers may reassure themselves with the justification that the city’s share of playwrights is small. With only a statue of Oscar Wilde by Maggie Hampling and another statue of William Shakespeare in Leicester Square. The dignity of this author is not great in the country.

Many people who have a statue in the city are important figures in society. Historians and thinkers in the religious, scientific, and political fields are among those who have been considered, and at best, poets have a better position than novelists and playwrights. Spencer, Don, Milton, Kitz, Burns, Tagore, and Bachmann are well-known poets with citywide sculptures. “Bachman” has sculptures in the main hall of the metro to introduce the authorities of poetry as the highest kind of linguistic art to the people.

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