Street art

Street art

Street art:

Street art is a type of artwork that stands in stark contrast to museums, churches, and galleries’ official artwork. These artworks are sometimes mistakenly equated with graffiti art, but it should be noted that graffiti is a subset of street art. Graffiti includes graffiti, all kinds of designs done on the walls, or even digging up the gypsum layers of the wall to design the desired shape. This is while street art includes graffiti. Sticking different posters, using stencils as a design pattern or sticking other stickers on the wall cannot be placed in the field of graffiti. All of these arts are part of a wide range of street art.

Street art is a type of artwork displayed in the surrounding buildings, streets, trains, and other public view levels. Many things come in the form of guerrilla art, which aims to make a personal statement about the community in which the artist lives. From the beginning of murals and sabotage, this work has been transferred to new modes in which artists address the audience to deliver a message or just beauty. Some artists may use “smart sabotage” to raise awareness of social and political issues, while other artists use urban space as an opportunity to display personal artwork.

Artists may also appreciate the challenges and dangers of installing illegal works of art in public places. A common motivation is to create art in a way that uses public space, allowing artists who might otherwise feel deprived to reach a much wider audience than other genres or galleries.

To access while traditional graphic artists have primarily used spray paint to produce their work, “street art” can be different media such as LED art, mosaic tiling, stencil art, sticker art, inverted murals, and sculptures. “Light lock,” wheat cultivation, woodworking, yarn bombardment and stone balancing. New media forms, such as video projections on large urban buildings, are increasingly a tool for street artists.

The availability of low-cost hardware and software makes such works of the art competitive with corporate advertising. In this way, artists can create art from their personal computers for free, competing with corporate profits.

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