Pop art fashion style

Pop art fashion style

Pop art fashion style

Art has always been the source of ideas for fashion designers, and this time I want to examine the impact of art and the pop art movement on fashion. The philosophy of this art is a critique of the height of consumerism. Simplicity and simplistic thinking in art artistically remind us every day. These characteristics are also one of the main elements of fashion.

The unequivocal repetition of images on fashion products brings us closer to this art. Sometimes something like graphic images of celebrities or commercial writings of the product, etc. Sometimes this idea has a more indirect effect. How to pop artists perform, such as block color (tram) (block colors) can also be elements of pop art.

Pop art colors are completely sharp graphics and use a lot of color palette because the idea of ​​pop art, because it is based on business, attracting customers is their first thought, so attractive colors are important.

It does not matter that the two arts go very well together because they have a common goal, such as trade and the capital market.

Modern life intensifies man’s sense of the passage of time and acquaints us more with the benefits and thrills of human societies. These are all things.

They have become a group for the immediate transmission of events that combine time, space, make the present continuous, and obscure, in which even the very recent past seems to be a very distant and ancient period.

Recognizing objects based on what we have memorized from the form and form of their images and refusing to accept them in artistic themes is the result of a kind of visual and functional validity of objects, which Warhol breaks down. Also the process of production and reproduction. The complementary part is the rational content of pop art.

Oldenburg’s “soft” molds now have a profound effect on abstract sculpture. Similar images, commercial surfaces, and the combined origins of pop art have directly influenced abstract formats, especially sculpture, and have been a good stimulus for new work. Strict, and impersonal in the style of American composer John Cage.

“The object is the reality, not the symbol. The reality in pop art, like the reality of food cans in shops or at train station bulletin boards, is before our eyes.

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