Photomontage (part1)


History and meaning

One of the most significant aspects of photography is its physical image. The printing process is valuable only for the fine arts in today’s digital age. Photographers have been interacting with the physics of the environment in creative ways since the nineteenth century. One of these methods is photomontage, a revolution that allowed artists to go beyond the search for the environment to represent reality accurately.

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Any photographs were combined into one photograph to nurture new perspectives and ideas in these works of art. Today we can talk about the art of photomontage in print and digital. We also will talk about its many technical possibilities in both of these areas, and the ethical issues it faces in contemporary art.

Let us talk, but first, we want to answer the question: what exactly is photomontage?

Definition of photomontage

By definition, a photomontage is a combination of several images joined together to form a work of art or show more detail of a subject than what is shown in a single work of art. Photographers create Photomontage images by cutting, pasting, arranging, and stacking two or more images together, sometimes combined with other non-photographic materials such as text or different abstract shapes.

Making a photo collage goes back to the first steps of printing in a dark room. At the time, photographers worked by printing direct contact of subjects on photographic screens. They also did this by overlapping two images and masking. Of course, in the art of “putting photos together,” there is no need to create new images at all. In this art, you can also use existing printed photos. It depends on the goals and ideals of the artist. Finally, with the advent of computers, it is not necessary to have physical images. In today’s examples of the art of photomontage, we can see that these images are placed in photo editing software. They often do not come in print.

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