Museums and Galleries are closed because of CoronaVirus


Museums and Galleries are closed because of CoronaVirus

After the British resistance on how to deal with the corona virus outbreak, this country’s actions became more severe than yesterday, and as a result, the British museums were closed.

After much controversy over how to deal with the coronavirus in Britain, Boris Johnson finally gave in to the virus and announced yesterday the necessary measures to deal with it.

Following these measures, one of the places that need to be closed is the British museums. Following the decision, the British Museum, the British Museum and Natural History Museum closed.

The British Museum of Natural History has postponed its reopening until early summer, with galleries closed until May 1.
The British Museum Association described the closure as “an economic catastrophe in the industry” and said it could lead to many layoffs following the closure.

The Belgian government intends to close museums and public galleries in Brussels to stop the coronavirus’s rise.
The Belgian government plans to close museums and public galleries in Brussels by November 19, due to an increase in the number of coronary heart disease cases in Belgium, which has reached its highest level since the virus began to spread, according to Art News.

According to a spokesman for WIELS, one of Brussels’ cultural centers, during the first phase of quarantine in Brussels, this cultural center has suffered a loss of about 10,000 euros per week. And the new stage of quarantine is expected to cost about 40,000 euros, along with Have.
As coronary heart disease increases, museums and galleries across Europe are putting new restrictions on the agenda. The doors of Wales’ cultural institutions have been closed to visitors with a two-week quarantine in Wales.

Galleries and museums in Northern Ireland were also asked to close for four weeks on October 16.


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