Images, Nature , Wellbeing

Images, Nature , Wellbeing

Images, Nature , Wellbeing

In a poll conducted by Natural England in May 2020, nearly nine out of ten participants agreed that getting outside is important for mental health and wellbeing. Since the coronavirus limitations began, more than 40% of respondents have remarked that nature, wildlife, and visiting local green places have become more essential than ever. Ben Butling, a fashion communication graduate from UWE Bristol, is responding to this shift in behavior. Butling, who has worked with brands like as Lazy Oaf and LNCC and won the Fashion Marketing prize at Graduate Fashion Week, is now exhibiting work as part of UWE Bristol’s online graduate exhibition.

A: What is your name, course, and project for the Degree Show?

BB: My name is Ben Butling, and I studied Fashion Communication for a BA (Hons) degree. My Degree Show initiative was based on a campaign that looked into the changing attitudes of consumers toward nature and wellbeing. Salomon, an outdoor company, was in charge of curating it.

Images, Nature , Wellbeing

A: Can you tell me about the different sorts of media you work with? What drew you to this strategy in the first place?

BB: They vary a lot, but each project is built around a solid foundation of editorial imagery. I enjoy experimenting with both digital and film photos because they both have their own distinct tone. A powerful visual dialogue is a must for me. You may create a very fascinating tale and demonstrate the foundations of your ideas by giving this. This is what I attempted to achieve in my project, combining Salomon’s visual codes with my own unique style.

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A: What are the key themes that your work explores?

BB: This campaign closely followed movements in consumer desires, taking into account changes in the fashion sector and how recent international events have prompted us to evaluate the purpose of our products more profoundly. To develop a foundation for my ideas, I spent a lot of time browsing through fashion forecasting spaces like the WGSN and BoF. It’s critical to be able to deliver a concept that not only gives a creative answer for a business, but also engages the audience. I chose Salomon, a French outdoor-adventure company, and created a campaign that attempted to challenge preconceived notions about utility, durability, and lifespan.

Images, Nature , Wellbeing

A: Where do you get your ideas? What inspires you to make things?

BB: When I’m inspired, I always return to my own tranquility in nature. For fun, I turn to adventure and activity. After growing up surrounded by sports, I have a personal passion for rock climbing, kayaking, and trail running. I find that my ideas grow when I’m outside rather than at a desk, thanks to an array of outdoor equipment and a constant desire to learn more about my environment. With this background, I believe I can curate with genuine authenticity and insight for the sector. Over the last year, I’ve discovered that producing work with logic and purpose has resulted in the best results.

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A: What do you want people to take away from your performance?

BB: The main goal was to show a link between the product and happiness, emphasizing the impact that fashion can have on people’s life. I want to motivate and inspire my audience to consider how they may make changes, such as spending more time outside and reconnecting with adventure. I believe now is the perfect time to reignite the flame of outdoor sports, given a global shift in consumer preferences over the last few years. I hope that others might share in the joy and well-being that they bring. My campaign promotes not only the product, but also a sense of enthusiasm, through unique and thoughtful communication.

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