How is art and music related?

Music is an art by which man expresses all his emotions and feelings with the help of sounds. This art has been an inseparable part of human life from the distant past until today, and man always feels calm and happy to hear it.

There is always a question in the corner of the human mind about the origin of music, and it is always looking for its origin, and it wants to know whether music is one of the inventions of civilized man or it dates back to much more distant times? Who first invented music?. Also, there is complete information about music as one of the seven main art which can answer the question of How is art and music related?

Music (One of the seven main arts)

The purpose of art is to awaken any dormant feelings, desires and passions; to give them life; The institution fills the human being and makes everything sensible for the educated and developed human being. Art can experience and nurture what human emotion has in the innermost and latent corners of the soul; To move and motivate what is in the depths and various possibilities and various aspects of the human body and … . Here is the definition of music as one of the seven main arts in the world which is so important to know.

The most important elements of life is music, which makes communication or even understanding unwritten concepts. Music, from nature to human compositions, has always tried in various ways to create a space for awareness and understanding as much as possible in various fields.

So, the definitions of music are divided into two parts, scientific and artistic.

With a comprehensive artistic definition in this field, we can say: “The art of music is the narrator of their instincts and emotions and their inner sense and beauty, which are spiritually understood and become a string of musical notes, in other words, music is the language of expression. It’s emotions. ”

But beautiful emotions have not always been the source of the creation of these works, so given that even many greats tried to mean music as a mere expression of emotions, they provided this definition, if it expands. In this art, we see styles that do not merely consider the concept of beauty and try to create new concepts.

So we decided to look for a more accurate concept of the subject, which fortunately Professor Robert Greenberg, a professor at the University of San Francisco, provided a comprehensive and complete definition of.

How is art and music related?

Professor Greenberg describes the art of music as “the art of music means sound in time.”

Now we can say that by identifying this art as a comprehensive concept that can be understood in time, place and any culture, we can now say that we have a better understanding of understanding it and creating a platform for its growth.

Invention of music

Music dates back to ancient times, people were familiar with music before the advent of language. The first steps in the emergence of music were weights and songs and even sounds that came out of the human larynx.

After the earliest human species, early humans or Neanderthals inherited the land, followed by a new species of humans scattered throughout Europe. Gradually, the human population, which was more intelligent than the Neanderthals, increased dramatically, and shortly thereafter the Neanderthals became extinct.

There were many differences between our species and Neanderthals. Neanderthals were cavemen and did not decorate caves, but after our ancestors entered and lived in caves, the cave walls became canvases for their ambitious designs. Our first ancestors created rhythmic music by touch, and this may be related to early human musical instruments.

Evidence suggests that humans produced sound by striking bells or stone chandeliers inside caves, as well as using the cave itself, which acted as a sound reflector. So music is very old, and it may have been with us since the first human development.

Why was music created?

Humans used music as a means of communication and matrimony. Music also had a spiritual aspect and was used to praise and worship the gods and religious affairs. There are many different functions for music, one of which is dancing and rhythmic movements of people and the other is entertainment. The most important reason that music is formed and sustained is to bring people together.

Musical instruments history

After humans arrived in Europe, they began carving human and animal bodies on bone and ivory and used bone and ivory to make musical instruments.

Some of the musical instruments discovered are from the bones of swan and vulture wings and are between 39,000 and 43,000 years old. Eight flutes were discovered in three different places in southwestern Germany.

Some scholars believe that the art and instruments of music that appeared in Europe 40,000 years ago are so sophisticated and sophisticated that they have evolved to a higher level than the first artistic traditions.

Benefits of music for humans

Sometimes nothing makes our hearts feel better than hearing a pleasant song. Music has the potential to entertain us as well as be a source of pleasure and peace of mind, but scientific research shows that this phenomenon also has many psychological benefits. The idea that music can influence our thoughts, feelings, and behavior is not strange. If you are happy while listening to your favorite fast rock music or you shed tears after listening to a sad song in a live concert, then you easily understand and acknowledge the power of music to influence the mood and even motivate people to perform an action.


Music plays a role in creating social relationships, and musical instruments contribute to the strength of social relationships and human success because both music and language have evolved to meet the needs of early humans to communicate and express their feelings to each other. Music is an awesome art for all human beings.

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