Flowers that became expensive masterpieces (part1)


Painters influenced by flowers

Flowers have constantly been one of the most critical subjects in different artists’ paintings in different periods.

Jim Farrant is a British contemporary artist. The American School influences the works of this artist. A painting depicting flowers near a window is one of the artist’s works. The bouquet of this painting and even the very faded petals are shown very real.

“Grass Enamel and Pea Flowers” by Jim Farrant

This painting also shows how to paint the shadows of flowers, vases and windows on the wall. The various elements of this painting, known as “grass enamel and pea flowers,” create an image similar to an actual photo from the corner of a cozy room on a sunny day.

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“Clove and Clematis” in a Crystal Vase by Edward Manet

The painting of the purple clematis by Edouard Mane is also included in this list. Edouard Manet was a famous Impressionist painter whose flowers have been the subject of many of his paintings. The painting “Clove and Clematis in a Crystal Vase” is one of this artist’s lesser-known works.

“Different Bouquets” by Laura Coombs Hills

This bouquet depicts several types of flowers created by Laura Coombs Hills. Laura Combs Hills, an American painter and illustrator, was born in 1859. He mainly specialized in watercolor, crayons painting, and often chose inanimate nature for the subject of his paintings. The painting “Different Bouquets” is one of the works of this artist.

Recreating “Chrysanthemums”

Flowers have always played a significant role in Asian art they used them as symbols. Tosa Mitsuki was a painter of chrysanthemums. He was born in 1617 in Japan. This painting is a re-creation. He probably created the first version of this painting in the early seventeenth century.

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