Expressions of Nature; Paints and Liquids

Expressions of Nature; Paints and Liquids

Expressions of Nature; Paints and Liquids

Red circles, yellow swirls, and green splashes. Blending, separating, and pooling of colors. SPONK (b. 1989) is an artist who is fascinated by the unpredictable behavior of paints and liquids. Aerial vistas – zoomed out pictures taken from satellite imaging – may come to mind for some viewers. Others might perceive a kaleidoscope’s end, or something completely else. SPONK’s artworks are all one-of-a-kind; the patterns are transitory and can only be captured through movies and photo collages. The artist, who is represented by Pashmin Art Consortia, reveals how these complex worlds come to life.

A: What brought you to abstraction and how did you get started in art?

S: I began my start in the graffiti scene in 2005, when I worked on letter abstraction and coloration. This is also where my artist name, “Sponk,” came from. In 2015, I began painting representations of nature in order to broaden my creative horizons. Abstraction arose here as well, as a result of my impetuous and expressionistic painting approach. I developed my project Vivid Liquids, where I study colors on a macroscopic scale, after finishing roughly 400 works.

Expressions of Nature; Paints and Liquids

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A: Each of your pieces is one-of-a-kind. Could you explain how you go about manufacturing them?

S: My Vivid Liquids are haphazard mixtures created by combining several pigment-containing substances: a molecular orchestra. I play conductor, inducing diverse patterns, movements, and phenomena inside the heterogeneous color mixture. Because of the living interplay of billions of little components, it’s a process that can’t be repeated. As a result, each of my works is distinct. I photograph these transitory events with the help of my self-built Ernst Haeckel machine, which I use to create photo-collages and video recordings.

Expressions of Nature; Paints and Liquids

A: Your practice has a scientific quality to it. Which fields of study pique your interest?

S: The unlimited creative force of nature fascinates me. Since I was a child, I’ve had an innate desire to explore and discover new things. So, before going to Folkwang University of the Arts to study industrial design, I initially went to Ruhr University in Bochum to study Biology. Today, I use the knowledge I’ve gained throughout the course of my life to express myself artistically or to construct art-making apparatus. I build vibrant and infinitely complex color compositions with Vivid Liquids, which I can then investigate and observe for further development.

Expressions of Nature; Paints and Liquids

A: How do you feel about color?

S: Our environment communicates with us, pulls our attention, gains our enthusiasm, scares us away, or tries to hide from us through the radiant power of colors. They play an important role in our lives. As an artist, I may use this knowledge to actively or intuitively communicate my sentiments and allow others to experience them. I enjoy combining various colored materials and substances in novel ways, experimenting with contrasts and depicting them in flowing color gradients.

A: Many of these pieces are inspired by aerial vistas, such as mountains and lakes seen from above. Was it your purpose?

S: The Vivid Liquids are in conversation with the visual memory of the audience. Our brains struggle to make sense of these amorphous, random forms. Everyone has the ability to uncover something unique about themselves. Each person will be motivated in their own manner, and they may be tempted to make connections. It’s a show that, like a tube well exam, delves into each person’s deep psychology.your aim to do so? What role does nature have in your work?

Expressions of Nature; Paints and Liquids

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A: What’s ahead for you — any upcoming shows or projects?

S: I’m only at the beginning of my Vivid Liquids quest. Technological advancements have enabled me to go deeper into the macrocosm and creatively share my findings with others. The digital world is more than ever merging with our reality, and my most recent painting incorporates many digital elements.


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