Crayon painting techniques

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If you want to paint with crayon the key is to focus on the possibilities that crayons may provide rather than the limits. And, believe it or not, there are SO MANY POSSIBILITIES with crayons! Here is Crayon painting techniques.

Coloring techniques with crayons

Always color in the same direction.

This is my number one tip. It will have a greater influence on the ultimate outcome than anything else, and it may be used by people of all ages! The variations in orientation, as demonstrated on the red kidney on the left side below, are what make it appear sloppy, despite the fact that I carefully remained inside the lines. Coloring in a continuous direction, as shown on the other kidney, is easy on the eyes and results in a neater appearance!

Draw Outside the Lines Sometimes

In other cases, like as this one, you can color beyond the lines because you’ll be cutting the piece out afterwards. This enables you to apply large, steady strokes, as shown in the red kidney above and on the right. This is a particularly useful suggestion for younger kids coloring the organs in this My Body activity. (However, don’t do this on the upper part of the heart in the My Body book since we won’t be able to cut around all those veins and arteries.)

Consistent pressure produces a uniform appearance.

Maintaining steady pressure with the crayon on the paper results in a uniform, attractive appearance. Your hands will become fatigued soon if you push hard, therefore I like to press softly. Surprisingly, younger children appear to struggle with being aware of how much strain they are under. It must be linked in some manner to motor abilities. It won’t harm to mention them this suggestion, but if they aren’t using it, simply ignore it.

Important tips for buying a professional crayon for painting


It should be determined ahead of time the surface structure the chalk pens will be utilized on. The majority of pens may be used on any flat surface. This includes glass, paper, (slate) boards, and whiteboards, as well as writing on plastic, vinyl, or wood.



It is also crucial to consider if the chalk pencil is easily washable if youngsters will be drawing with it. Most crayons may be readily removed off garments and rinsed away with soap and water. A crayon cleanser can assist with tougher stains.



When using chalk pens outside, it is especially crucial that they be ecologically friendly. In other words, no harmful compounds should be present in the chalk fluid. Despite their waterproof qualities, marking crayons or forestry chalk are ecologically beneficial. They are mostly used to designate areas in woods or on roadways.

The tip’s size and form

The tips of chalk pens varies not only in size, but also in form. The tip’s thickness spans from 1 to 15 mm. Chalk pens, as a result, may be utilized in a number of ways and are also excellent for fine work. Many chalk pens have readily replaceable tips. This allows you to write and paint with a single pen that has a bullet tip and a wedge tip. It is convenient since you only need to purchase one thing.

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