César Pelizer : Digital Surrealism

César Pelizer : Digital Surrealism

César Pelizer : Digital Surrealism

César Pelizer is famous for creating bold and surreal worlds. He is an animator, illustrator, and digital artist. His art reminds you of mind-bending paintings by René Magritte. The line between dreams and reality is blurred in his drawings. You can find a mixture of 3D and 2D elements in these imaginative landscapes which lead to the creation of artworks that are full of energy. The Strip Gallery is representing Pelizer. We had an interview with Pelizer about his practice.

César Pelizer : Digital Surrealism

The way it all happened, the real story behind César Pelizer ’s artworks

He didn’t remember when he started drawing. It was something he has always moved forward to. As a child he was quiet, so for him, drawing was a good way to spend his afternoon when he was back at home from school. He was grateful for the free time he had when he was a teen.

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At that age, he was interested in learning new technologies. His hobby was learning different software. But it gave him the means to create digital works from a very young age. When he was 15 years old, he used to make drawings for local newspapers. Now he is balancing his time between commercial and personal works. He is often busy with commercial commissions because of his work. This subject pushes him to spend more time on his personal stuff and he tries to find the balance in his life. He is interested in blurring the line between these two.

César Pelizer : Digital Surrealism

The message behind Pelizer ’s artworks

He wants his artworks to have ambiguous meanings. Most of his pieces have some personal meanings behind them. But it’s not easy for every viewer to understand them. Getting the meanings depends on the viewer’s angle and opinions. He explains his pieces something between a dream and predictable scenarios.

César Pelizer : Digital Surrealism

Pelizer ’s inspiration

Everything he sees inspires him. After creating artwork, he sometimes realizes that it was made out of a dream or it was a blend of memory and fantasy. He is interested in observing people and their personalities, whether it is in-person or through film or photography.

César Pelizer : Digital Surrealism

He doesn’t want to represent himself in his art

His aim for drawing those genderless/faceless characters is showing everybody and no one at the same time, so people might relate to it or they will know a person who will. Watching his pieces and knowing their stories is like traveling through a whole new world.

César Pelizer : Digital Surrealism

The common string that connects Pelizer’s work

The common string is blurring the line between reality and dream. The stories and characters that are in his works are continuously moving between reality and dream.

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The way Pelizer creates his digital works

Before he sits behind his desk, he thinks about a lot of things. He usually gets his ideas when he is in the most random and unexpected moments. There is no certain pattern for his thoughts. Sometimes he forgets to write down his ideas, then they may come back to him months later. He is always struggling to get the “Deja vú” feeling in his illustrations. The easiest and more mundane part is the digital part of his process. This part is about execution and exploration and not the technique itself.

César Pelizer : Digital Surrealism

His idea about NFT art

In his idea, NFT provides so many opportunities for creative artists. It also gives them the most valuable asset in the world: time. Time for creating and exploring new ways of creating artworks.

César Pelizer : Digital Surrealism

The most satisfying moment of Pelizer’s artistic career

It was the time when he finished his first animated short film Looking for Something. That experience opened many doors for his commercial work and allowed him to spend time on his personal style.

His future projects

He is planning an arts residency in Japan next year. He will draw from his experiences and will hold an exhibition.

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