Baltimore, an art museum that buys only women’s works!


Baltimore, an art museum that buys only women’s works

The Baltimore Museum of Art in the United States has announced that it will only purchase artworks by female artists from 2020. According to ISNA and quoted by CNN, the officials of this museum officially announced their decision. In contrast, at present, only 4% of the works in the museum’s collections belong to female artists.

As part of the Baltimore Museum of Art’s new programs in 2020, the museum will host at least 20 different exhibitions of female artists of various styles.

The Baltimore Museum of Art has spent two years making this decision. The female officials made this decision for this museum.
“I have to say that the new plans for 2020 are to develop the moral values that have long been a major concern of the museum,” said Christopher Bedford, the museum’s director. “In my opinion, building a permanent collection is the eternal creation of a story.”

The Baltimore Museum of Art’s decision was warmly welcomed by activists who have always called for more significant gender and racial equality in the art world.

“There are many women artists in the world waiting to be recognized and honoured,” said Cindy Namsar, a well-known advocate for women’s rights in the art world. The new decision of the Baltimore Museum of Art is just the beginning. “Imagine what would have happened if this decision had been made in 1972.”


The budget for the Baltimore Museum of Art next year is about $ 2 million. The effect of buying an artist’s work is very different from borrowing it from other collections. By purchasing an artist’s work, both the artist and the museum will display it for a more extended period.

“The way you buy works of art changes the nature of a permanent collection,” said Amelia Jones, a professor in the School of Art and Design at the University of Southern California. “I hope that the new decision of the Baltimore Museum of Art can add to the importance of this museum in the 21st century.”

Recently, Art News magazine published a report on the statistics of women’s art in museums and art institutes around the world, according to which only 14% of individual and group exhibitions in the last ten years belonged to women in the field of art, and women’s works accounted for 11%. They have a percentage of sales. (Of the 260,470 results sold, only 29,247 belonged to female artists.) Century. Edmonia Lewis was the only black woman to receive a prestigious major in American art.

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