An influential artist

Grayson Perry

An influential artist

Grayson Perry is an English artist born in 1960. He is an artist who works in various fields such as traditional pottery, weaving (digital), narrative weaving curtains, embroidery and textiles, painting, printing, illustration, writing, media performance and also as a university professor.
In 2003, he won the Turner Prize, Britain’s most prestigious contemporary award.

He writes books, makes television series, gives speeches, and is a well-known observer; His work is full of humorous and biting symbols that question modern life, habits, and values.

Undoubtedly, Grayson Perry is an artist whose works reflect the problems of today’s world, which addresses various issues in a humorous but critical way in a creative and, of course, artistic way; Issues that make people think today and affect the lives and future of the people of the world.

“I go to the museum, pick and copy something, and make a little mistake in creating it,” says Grayson. “As a result, I create something new that I do not worry about.”

Fairy vases look like traditional and classic pottery at first glance; But a closer look at them reveals provocative statements, themes from yellow magazines.

The tapestries are also modern-day tales collected during his research trips to make television programs.

In 2007, the artist presented an exhibition of prisoners and ex-offenders’ art entitled Insider Art at the Institute of Contemporary Art by the Koestler Trust; A charity that promotes the arts as rehabilitation in prisons, young criminal institutions and the psychiatric ward.

Grayson, since 2010 with his wife, Philippa Perry; The author and psychotherapist are married and have a daughter, Florence; He now lives and works in London; He works alone and without an assistant, and at the same time, he is a prolific artist.

“I have an obsession with quality control,” he says. “I have to do the wrong things in the right way.”

Grayson Perry is considered one of Britain’s most fascinating artists because of his focus on universal themes such as identity and the modern world.

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