A city in Finland whose inhabitants have seen UFOs (part 1)

city in Finland

A city in Finland whose inhabitants have seen UFOs (part 1)

Maria Lax

UFOs in northern Finland reported flying saucers in the 1960s. A strange light in the sky that followed lonely people at midnight disappeared after a while. A Finnish photographer interviewed locals and photographed the city in response to these stories.

Maria Lax is a photographer from the northernmost city of Finland. Where seeing UFOs or UFOs has been expected. She is looking for answers to his questions in the photos. Setanta Publications have published her collection of photographs, Some Heavenly Fire. Maria Lax is best known for her use of light and color in photography and combining reality with fantasy. “Many people pass through this city without realizing that it was a UFO sighting center in the 1960s.”

Lax has read about flying saucers in her grandfather’s manuscripts. Still, she now has dementia and is unable to answer her grandchildren’s questions: “Also archives of newspapers and family photo albums with pictures taken during that period.”

“All the pictures in the book are pictures of places I’ve been to since I was a child,” says Lax. During this photography project, I learned more about my family’s past by talking to people, reading my grandfather’s book, looking at family photo albums, and exploring familiar places. I took this picture near my grandmother’s house on New Year’s Day. When the electricity was cut off for a long time and space was flooded with fog. “Exactly what I needed for the kind of photos I wanted to take.”

“During the years I worked on this project, I interviewed different people. They all pointed to commonalities. Colored lights followed cars and people walking home alone. The lights, in silence, pulsated in different colors before disappearing into the sky. “Sometimes these lights woke up people who were asleep at midnight and then disappeared without a trace.”

“Despite the lack of sunlight in a significant part of the year in this part of Finland, it is not possible to escape the darkness. Therefore, I decided to go for it. I think that lack of natural light allowed me to experience new photography things. I wanted to fill the darkness with color.

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