The nature of this newly opened masterpiece of strange architecture was discovered in Qatar (part2)

strange architecture

The Qatar National Museum, approximately 1.5 km long, has finally opened

“The symbolic architecture of the museum, in a way, shows the desert, its silence, and its infinite dimensions, and at the same time reflects the spirit of modernity and the audacity that comes with it; the audacity that any … “Break up the seemingly immutable thing. This is the contradiction in history that I seek to show in this area.”

When it comes to design structure, Novell puts nature at the forefront of his work, citing the “desert rose” as his main inspiration. “Desert rose” is a phenomenon found only in coastal areas. This special effect occurs when some minerals in these areas become crystalline or crystalline, such as salt pools that remain after the water evaporates and eventually leave petal-like shapes. Novell calls it “the first architectural structure created by nature” and claims to be fascinated by the complexities of this phenomenon.

The designation of the “Desert Rose” as a starting point later became not a complete and ideal idea, but a very progressive and practical idea, an ideal for the construction of a 350-meter-long building. With large curved shells, intersections, and connecting elements and components – all of which will serve to induce dessert ideas – we faced countless technical challenges, and this building, like Qatar itself, is on the cutting edge of technology.

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