The nature of this newly opened masterpiece of strange architecture was discovered in Qatar (part1)


The nature of this newly opened masterpiece of strange architecture was discovered in Qatar (part1)

From the heart of the desert, the National Museum of Qatar, designed by Jean Nouvel Atelier; A masterpiece that has taken more than a decade to build. The overall design of the museum is a combination of vertical and horizontal shells in various dimensions, which invites visitors to a gallery, approximately 1.5 km long, to discover and watch the history of the Middle Eastern nation. The main idea of ​​the museum design is based on a mineral and geological phenomenon called “Rose of the Desert”; an idea that, while dependent on the past, also looks to the future. In this article, we are going to visit this strange and long museum together.

The National Museum of Qatar is located within the city limits and next to countless cultural institutions, and is very close to other outstanding architectural works, such as the Pi Museum of Islamic Art. This area also has historical roots, because, in a way, it is considered the main place of the historical palace of Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani; The twentieth-century Qatari caliph, the son of the founder of modern Qatar and whose newly renovated palace, is now the centerpiece of the museum.

Jean Nouvel integrates historical architecture with his designs, and to achieve this goal, he uses natural curves, curves, and forms to bring an organic flow to his structure. Using fiberglass-reinforced concrete, in the exterior of this huge complex – with an area of ​​about 52,000 square meters – which is the color of natural sand in this area, instead of imposing the building it has designed it in full harmony with the surrounding environment.

Museum architecture is always a complex process because the architect must keep in mind such things as performance, movement, and the main purpose of designing the space. Given that Jean Nouvel was to design a space that reflected the history and culture of Qatar, there were several things to consider and maintain a balance between them. In his ideas, he sought to respect and respect the early inhabitants of Qatar, the nomads, and at the same time, the rapid economic growth of Qatar, which took place after the discovery of oil (in the post-World War II period).

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