History of Mosque building

History of Mosque building

History of Mosque building

The Mosque

Do you know what is the history of Mosque building? The English phrase “mosque” denotes a Muslim residence of worship. The phrase advanced from the Arabic time period masjid, which means “vicinity of prostration.” During prayer, Muslims in brief kneel and contact their foreheads to the floor as a signal of submission (literally, Islam) to the need of God.

 The Origin of the Mosque

What is the history of Mosque building? The Prophet Muhammad`s authentic residence in Medina (in present-day Saudi Arabia) is notion to be the primary mosque and in all likelihood served as a version for early mosque architecture. It became a mud-brick shape with residing quarters on one aspect of an enclosed square courtyard.

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Since Muhammad`s fans might acquire at his domestic for prayer, the aspect of the courtyard going through the qibla, or the path of prayer, blanketed a porch included through palm branches, which presented safe haven from the recent barren region sun. Most early mosques, in addition to the bulk of later mosques in Arab lands, observe this wellknown layout.

History of Mosque building

 Essential Architectural Elements of a Mosque

The qibla is the path Muslims face whilst praying closer to the Ka`ba in Mecca. It should be noted that the qibla is the wall in a mosque that faces Mecca. The mihrab is a gap withinside the qibla wall indicating the path of Mecca; due to its importance, additionally it is the maximum ornate a part of a mosque, exceedingly embellished and frequently adorned with inscriptions from the Qur`an.


You should know that mihrab is a place on which the prayer leader stands while handing over a sermon after Friday prayer. The pulpit is commonly located to the proper of the mihrab and is frequently fabricated from elaborately carved timber or stone


A minaret is a tall tower connected or adjoining to a mosque. It is designed so the decision to prayer, issued from mosques 5 instances a day, may be heard loud and clean at some point of a city or city. Alternatively, the decision can be crafted from the roof or entrance, and is now frequently projected with the useful resource of microphones and speakers. The minaret is likewise a visible image of the presence of Islam.

History of Mosque building


In the arid lands of Arabia, water is respected as a present from God, and fountains additionally have symbolic meaning, alluding to the 4 rivers of Paradise stated within side the Qur`an.

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 The Role of the Mosque

Mosques replicate the scale and wishes of character Muslim groups, as their participants all worship collectively on Fridays. Do you know what is the history of Mosque building? Historically mosques were on the middle of schooling and highbrow life.


Mosque ornament nearly by no means consists of human or animal forms, which might be visible as probably idolatrous.

Mosques at some point of the Islamic international use various constructing substances and replicate one of a kind nearby traditions and styles. Do you know what is the history of Mosque building? Despite versions in length and design, the unique vicinity mosques keep in Muslim groups stays universal.


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