Brutalism style in architecture (part2)

Brutalism architecture

Brutalism style in architecture (part2)

Architectural features of brutalism

In Brutalism style, concrete has a famous symbol. In most buildings of this style, concrete has come prominently. Sometimes, they even leave the effect of the wooden molds’ building, which remains in the concrete, so that the shaping factors can affect. In addition to showing the brutal concrete style, the building’s objects and structures, especially the beams and columns, are like a modern castle.

The origins of the philosophy and architectural style of brutalism go back to the events after World War II. Because of years of a full-blown war, the European economy was paralyzed entirely. The war made it impossible to use ordinary materials. All the architects were looking for cheap materials to replace metal, and eventually, their search ended in concrete.

The philosophy of brutalism owes its origins to concrete and its widespread use. However, there are no restrictions on the use of materials such as wood, brick, glass, steel, and uncut stones in their raw form in this style. Of course, the architectural style of brutalism is famous for rectangular design and visible formatting. However, there is a most critical point in the architectural style of brutalism. It is that it differs from other common styles. Because all different common styles such as deconstruction architecture or folding architecture are essential because of their specific volume. At the same time, the architectural style of brutalism base is the materials used in it.

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